SFPTI helps bring Delray Medical Center into the future

June 19, 2019

Improving the community is a responsibility we all share and, at SFPTI, one we truly cherish. In fact, it’s the very reason SFPTI was created.

Led by Medical Director Tim Williams, M.D., a radiation oncologist practicing in South Florida since 1989, SFPTI was born out of a desire to deliver smarter, safer and more effective cancer treatments to the residents of Palm Beach County and the surrounding areas.

Therefore, when Dr. Williams was invited to serve as the keynote speaker at the Alliance of Delray Residential Associations Annual Breakfast on June 7, he was excited and honored to accept. Established in 1996, the Alliance of Delray Residential Associations solicits feedback from its various members and neighborhood associations in order to establish a unified voice when speaking with local, state and federal officials. The goal is to help ensure all communities are heard and represented, and that decisions are made with their best interests in mind.

The Alliance acts on a variety of topics including traffic control, infrastructure, commercial and residential development, transportation safety, emergency medical services and healthcare.

With SFPTI bringing the most advanced and innovative radiation therapy treatments to the campus of Delray Medical Center, they are certainly taking major steps toward improving healthcare throughout the community.

Dr. Williams was introduced at the breakfast by Stephen Garner, the Chief Operating Officer at Delray Medical Center, who called the former a “great physician leader with an abundance of clinical excellence and knowledge.” He added that the only thing more impressive than Dr. Williams’ knowledge and experience is his great passion for helping others.

“Throughout his career, Dr. Williams has cared for more than 11,000 patients in this community, and he cares so deeply about each of them and their outcomes,” said Garner. “He is so engaged in helping people.”

Dr. Williams met individually with several breakfast attendees following his presentation to answer their questions about cancer care and how the South Florida Proton Therapy Institute will greatly improve treatment options in the community.

Before speaking to the audience about the future of oncology services at both SFPTI and Delray Medical Center, Dr. Williams shared images and stories about the history of Delray Beach. While serving as a timeline of the city’s century-plus transformation, it also showcased the growth of the city’s lone hospital and the medical advances that have been made because of.

The South Florida Proton Therapy Institute, or SFPTI, is sure to be a major force in the future of healthcare in Delray Beach and throughout Palm Beach County, as it pairs the industry’s preeminent oncology professionals and physicists with the world’s best medical equipment to change the way in which cancer is treated. SFPTI offers traditional X-ray radiation therapy and beginning in late summer or early fall, they will begin treating patients with proton radiation therapy, making them the only such facility to do so in Palm Beach County and the only one between Miami and Jacksonville on Florida’s east coast.

Dr. Williams provided great detail on both treatment plans while also educating attendees about the history and success of proton therapy, which is still a relatively unknown and underutilized approach to cancer care. He spoke at length about SFPTI and emphasized just how valuable of a resource they aim to be for the community.

At the conclusion of his presentation, Dr. Williams was thanked by Alliance of Delray Residential Associations President Robert Schulbaum before personally greeting several attendees and answering their questions. The staff at SFPTI is committed to the men and women of Delray Beach, Palm Beach County and all of South Florida, and they want the community to know that they are here and determined to deliver the best possible outcomes with genuine care and compassion for all they treat. Being able to deliver that message in conjunction with a group such as the Alliance of Delray Residential Associations makes it even more rewarding for Dr. Williams and his team.

View Dr. Williams’ full presentation below.