Meet our SFPTI family

We are a family at SFPTI. The staff truly cares about one another, and that sentiment is extended to each of our patients as well. From the moment you walk in until the day you ring the bell, the SFPTI family will be there for you.

  • Tim R. Williams, M.D.

    Medical Director

  • Charles Shang, M.B., M.Sc.

    Director of Medical Physics & Radiation Safety Officer

  • Candace Bracken

    Registered Nurse

  • Ana Castro

    Office Administrator

  • Liliana Diaz

    Radiation Therapist

  • Maria Estrada

    Registered Nurse

  • Grant Evans

    Medical Physicist

  • Scott Johnson

    Director of Information Technology

  • Sheila Lewis

    Medical Dosimetrist

  • Emine Ozbay

    Executive Director

  • Nick Panteles

    Facility Manager

  • Jesse Perez

    Radiation Therapist

  • Kathryn Petrison

    Insurance Coordinator

  • Jacqueline Pruzan

    Registered Nurse

  • Mushfiq Rahman

    Physics Staff

  • Salina Ramirez

    Radiation Therapist

  • Marci Rupert

    Patient Access Representative

  • Jen Sckolnik

    Radiation Therapist

  • Sara Scott

    Radiation Therapist

  • Marjan Shojaei

    Physics Staff

  • Kelly Spilecki

    Radiation Therapist

  • Diane Williams

    Registered Nurse

  • Paul Williams