Latest News: The FlashForward Consortium, an initiative led by Varian, is a...

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You’re not just our patient.
You’re our family.

Palm Beach’s newest radiotherapy center is changing the way we treat cancer, giving patients in the South Florida community greater access to life-saving technology and care. Led by the area’s premier radiation oncologist, Dr. Tim Williams, we provide advanced treatment techniques and sincere commitment to each of our patients. At SFPTI, we don’t see you merely as a patient; we see you as family, and you will be treated as such.

The Edge – 10x Faster than the Cyber Knife

At SFPTI, we combine experience, compassion and leading-edge technology to deliver advanced and effective cancer treatment. Our team works closely with each patient, creating customized plans designed to help ensure the best possible results.

FlashForward Consortium: Advancing Cancer Research and Treatment

April 8, 2024

The FlashForward Consortium, an initiative led by Varian, is a collaborative effort aimed at revolutionizing cancer treatment through the development and implementation of FLASH therapy. This innovative approach delive...

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