Radiation Therapy

compassionate, cutting-edge care

At SFPTI, we create customized radiation treatment plans to ensure each patient receives the most impactful approach for their particular cancer. We care about you, and we are fully committed to providing the comfort, care and compassion you need, along with the best possible outcome and recovery.

We treat a variety of cancers using traditional X-ray radiation therapy, which directs photon beams to a tumor through the body’s surface. We administer treatments using the Edge® Radiosurgery System, which is manufactured by Varian and considered one of the most effective tools in the fight against cancer.

Nearly all cancers — including lung, breast, prostate, head and neck — can be treated with X-ray radiation therapy if necessary.




SFPTI features the latest equipment in the fight against cancer. We use X-ray and proton therapy linac machines and beams from Varian, the world’s premier manufacturer of oncology medical devices and software. This allows SFPTI the ability to network with a large user base and technical expertise which provides aids us in delivering effective treatments.