Navigating the Roadmap: What Can I Expect from Radiation Therapy?

September 15, 2023

When it comes to cancer treatment, medical advancements have provided patients with a multitude of options, one of which is radiation therapy.  These treatment pathways bring options to the patient, which is helpful, but they also are very complicated and filled with jargon.  This article serves as a roadmap for individuals seeking radiation therapy, outlining what they can expect from the treatment process in simple language. 


Following your diagnosis and treatment recommendation, you and your physician or primary oncologist will discuss radiation as a treatment option.


Next, you or your physician contacts the South Florida Proton Institute to schedule a consultation for just days after they receive your medical records.


At the consultation, a SFPTI radiation oncologist will determine what type of radiation, proton therapy or photon therapy,  is right for you.


Our insurance coordinators work with an expert radiation billing team to get coverage for your treatment.

  • PLAN

If determined you should receive  radiation therapy, a CT simulation planning session is scheduled to clearly define the treatment area.  You may also have extra imaging done.


Once the CT simulation is reviewed and insurance coverage secured, you will be contacted by the lead therapist for a treatment start date/time.


Treatment begins within two weeks after the simulation and generally occurs daily on weekdays for about three to eight weeks.


Once a week you will be provided the opportunity to meet with your radiation oncologist to review treatment progress/symptoms.  There is also daily interaction with the nursing staff.


Upon completing your last treatment, you will ring the bell to mark the occasion.


Within a month of your final treatment, you come back for a follow-up visit.

If you are interested in starting radiation treatment, contact us today.