The future of radiation therapy is here

January 10, 2019

The staff at SFPTI understands the tremendous importance of proton radiation therapy — a service they will begin offering cancer patients this summer — but it’s exciting to see others taking notice as well.

While SFPTI is already treating patients using traditional X-ray (photon) radiation at their new 40,000-square-foot facility in Delray Beach, proton therapy will truly revolutionize cancer care. SFPTI is the first and only such cancer center in Palm Beach County, and one of less than 30 in the U.S.

With anticipation and excitement starting to build, WPBF 25 News visited SFPTI on January 9 to learn more about proton therapy, its significance, and the technology and equipment that make this cutting-edge care possible.

Dr. Tim Williams, Medical Director of SFPTI, explained how the cyclotron machine that will be used to deliver the proton therapy treatments — one of only two in the world — allows radiation to be precisely targeted directly into a tumor without negatively affecting surrounding healthy tissue and organs.

While this approach has the potential to drastically increase success rates, it also makes it possible to treat tumors that are currently inaccessible.

Proton therapy truly is the future of cancer care, and Dr. Williams and the team at SFPTI are humbled to bring it to the Palm Beach County community.

Watch the SFPTI feature on WPBF 25 News here.